Our Mission

Specializing in breeding high quality assistance and companion dogs. All of our dogs originate from European bloodlines and are typically lighter in color. Most of our puppies are a light golden honey color to cream.

Our Story

At Westwing Retrievers, our dogs are cared for and loved just like family. Our dogs live, and are raised in-home, so they are exposed to all aspects of family life. All of our dogs come from carefully selected bloodlines to be as healthy as possible. 

We strive to provide great demeanors, healthy puppies, and the greatest new addition you could possibly ask for in a puppy. 


Westwing Retrievers is based near Phoenix, Arizona. Our dogs live in, and have been raised in our homes, and thus are members of our family and treated as such. Puppies are born in a nurturing environment, while also being exposed to an active home life to help them in transitioning to their forever home.